Yule Centerpiece

If your a busy person this is an ideal craft. One of the easiest things to do for your home is to create a centerpiece for the table. It's quick, it's easy and it looks good. This can stay out all year long and you can change the flowers and greenery to suit the season.

1: 6"-10" decorative basket that you can pick up from any craft or department store. It should have some depth to it, without it being too big.
1: Oasis Form (a cube of styrofoam used by florists which are easily attainable) or you can use a plastic evergreen bow left over from Yule. That should be only about 16" long.
1: Candle Holder. This can be made of any type of material that is pleasing to your eye. (Wood, glass, silver etc.)
3-4: Plastic seasonal flowers. This way you can save them for the following years. For Yule: you can use: Holly, Mistletoe, Black Berries, Pointsettias, Pine Cones, Dates, Dried Fruit (oranges symbolized for the returning sun) etc. You can purchase these anywhere (craft stores, department stores, some hardware stores.)
1: Colour Candle. This should suit the sabbat. For Yule: use a red or green candle.

Cut a hole in the centre of the Oasis Form big enough to fit your candle holder. Or if you opted for the evergreen bow wrap it around inside the basket and place the candle holder in the middle. Cut the bow to the length to fit your basket so it won't look too stuffed. Next add your candle holder in the centre of the basket. Use pliers or wire cutters to cut the long stems of the plastic flowers and to defoliate the leaves that come with it. Cut them at different lengths to give dimension to the basket in general. Once you have finished cutting your flowers, begin sticking them into the form or evergreen bow. Start at the centre and move your way out. Remember to keep a 'balance' of colour and texture to it.

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