Magick Mirror

To make a magick mirror, you need:
An 8X10 photo frame with a removable back and removable glass
Black high-gloss paint (not aerosol spray)
Dried and *powdered* psychic-enhancing herbs: hyssop, dragon's blood reed, orris root, anise seed, and any variety of dried moss.
A disposable mixing container
A paintbrush
Collect the items during the waning phase. Mix paint and herbs together until you have a thick, tar-like substance. Here's a chant while mixing:
"Vision of night, By the moon's dark light, Enter my art! All evil depart!"
As you chant, imagine moonbeams entering the paint through your hands (I guess he intends we do this at night). Paint one side of the glass with the paint-herb mixture using long, straight strokes. Cover one surface completely, leaving no holes. When dry, re-assemble with painted side down (the unpainted, shiny part shows through the frame).
He includes consecration rituals for both of these tools that I'll share when we're discussing that stuff
Many people don't go to all this trouble. They simply spray paint the back of a frame glass with black enamel. Just depends on what you want to do.

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