You have just entered my home away from home. I am your host, One Spirit. Pull up a chair and sit back and relax as you explore my virtual home. Here you will find many new and updated pages, and hopefully when you decide to leave, you will have gained something. I have only one rule here: Veiw these pages with an open heart and an open mind. Leave all the negativity you have heard about Wicca and Paganism behind you.

A Letter From Mom And Dad An Open Letter to a Witch
What is Wicca? Correspondences The Charges of the Gods
Blessings Devotions Invocations
Meditations Metaphysical Redes and Laws
Rituals Spells Recipes
Gods and Goddesses Herbs Magickal Needs
Goddess Months Dictionary Crafts
Tarot Runes Oghams
What Law Enforcment Agencies Need To Know About Witchcraft Short Stories Miscellanous Items
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