Beth Luis Fearn Saille Nuin

New beginnings, good fortune, luck, change 

Protection, ability to distinguish good from bad, insight 

Resiliance, strength, energy 

Intuition, creativity, fertility, mystism 

Magic, peace 
Huathe Duir Tinne Coll Quert

Patience, retraint, abstinence 

Steadfastness, protection, inspiration 

Balance, justice 

Creativity, divination, meditation 

Beauty, youthfulness, perfection 
Muin Gort Ngetal Straif Ruis

Prophecy, release from restraints 

Progress, change, distractions 

Harmony, unity, wisdom 

Fate, the unexpected, bad luck 

Change, transition, faeries 
Ailim Ohn Ur Eadha Ioho

Power, insight, progression 

Knowledge, purification, wisdom 

Challenges, goals, luck 

Endurance, success 

Transformation, rebirth, immortality 
Koad Oir Uilleand Phagos Pion
Knowledge, revalations 
Peace, tranquility, happiness 

Wisdom, good judgement,

Guidance from the past, experience 
Illumination, spirit, intuition 
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