Sachets are very easy to make. All you need is two pieces of cloth, a needle and some thread. You can add
many different things to them. Such as:
Herbs, gems, crystals, whatever holds magickal meaning for you. The things that I place in my sachets work for
me, but feel free to add or do whatever works for you and use this spell for a guideline.
Cast the Circle in the usual manner. On parchment, write down all the material things that you need using
Dragons Blood ink or a consecrated pen.
Make sure to think for a few minutes before putting pen to paper and omit the things that really aren't that
When you feel that you are ready, write the spell and ask in the name of a Higher Source for the items that you
need. If you are asking for money, make sure to write down how you want to receive it. For example, if you
play the lottery, ask for a winning. NEVER ask for money to be willed to you through someone's death.
Next, read the list over out loud. By vocalization, you are infusing the spell with magical energy. Burn the list
and put it aside.
Make the sachet. Take two pieces of cloth and sew them together leaving one end open. As you are sewing,
visualize your intention for making the sachet.
Crumble the ashes of the wish list and pour them into the sachet. Add some echinacea to ensure and strengthen
the spell. Place a wishbone (obvious reasons) in the sachet then sew it up. As you are sewing, say:
Wishes, Wishes,
Come to me.
This is my will,
So mote it be.
When the sachet is finished, thank the Higher Source, undo the Circle and put the sachet in a place that holds
magickal meaning for you.

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