Money Satchet

This simple satchet is meant to be made in circle as part of a money ritual. It is carried in the wallet to attract wealth. This will not aid you in getting rich, but is merely usedto aid you in getting enough money for a particular need, such as paying next months rent. If you don't actually need it, you are not likely to get it.
What you'll need:
A piece of cloth approximately 3" across
A piece of green yarn or string.. 9" long approx.
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of cedar leaves/needles
1 teaspoon of mint leaves

This spell is simple, and i didn't complicate it with words, as I felt they would simply feel too clumsy.
Simply cast the circle and begin as you would for any other ritual or spell.. as per your tradition.
Meditate on your need for money. Visualize having enough money for your needs. Ask the Goddes and God to grant you the the funds you need. You do not have to do this aloud, simply concentrate and focus your desire. When you feel the energies have gathered, visualize them flowing into the gathered herbs and infusing them with positive energy. Pour the herbs into the center of the cloth.
Then bring up the corners to form a small bag. Take the green yarn or thread and loop this three times around the satchet to close it, then knot the string three times to seal the satchet, visualizing this satchet attracting money. After this is done have the small feast and close the circle as you normally would.


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