Magick Mirror

From the book "Spell Crafts" by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington

* 50 to 150 shells of various sizes. Scallop shells are ideal for this project. Have at least one dozen tiny shells, which you'll use to fill in small spaces.
* Clean sand or white-colored, fine aquarium gravel
* Household glue. This shouldn't be instant drying, and should be clear.
* An 8 inch piece of thin wood or corrugated cardboard
* 1 round, 4 inch mirror
* A ruler and a pencil
* Moistened and dry cotton cloth
* A large scrap piece of corrugated cardboard
* A chewed piece of bubble gum or a piece of tape
* 1 blue candle and candle holder. This will be used in the ritual to bless the magick mirror.

1. Assemble all the items on a table or other flat working surface. Sort the shells according to size and, if you wish, color. Hold your hands over the shells and say:

Spiraled treasures of the Sea,
Awake the Psychic Mind in me.

2. Using the pencil and ruler, draw lines across the wooden or cardboard base, from a to c, and from b to d. This will allow you to accurately place the mirror onto the center of the base.

3. Allow at least a 1/2 hour for this step. Place the mirror onto the center of the base, using the lines as a guide. Now place the shells in a symmetrical pattern on the base around the mirror. Some of the shells may overlap a bit onto the mirror itself. Some suggestions: begin with the largest shells first, then fit in the smaller ones. Large shells can be placed at the base's four corners. Shells of different colors can be alternated to form pleasing, contrasting patterns. A large shell can be placed between two corners to create the "top" of the mirror. Cover as much of the base as possible. If you don't like the pattern that you've created, begin again. This is the time to decide, not later when you've actually gluing the shells in place.

4. When you've finalized your pattern, individually transfer the shells to a flat surface, re-creating the same pattern there.

5. Enchant the mirror by holding your hands above it and saying, in a soft, dreamy voice:

Glow, Mirror,
Shimmer with Power.
Assist me in my Workings.

6. Apply the household glue to the back of the mirror. Also apply glue to the center of the base. Place the mirror onto the center of the base. Place base and mirror firmly together. Allow to dry for at least a 1/2 hour.

7. Apply glue to the base around the mirror. (If glue smears on the mirror, remove it with a moistened piece of cloth). Spread glue evenly with a finger. Pour the sand (or gravel) onto the glue, ensuring an even coat. Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes.

8. Tip up one end of the base and tap gently on the reverse side. Some sand will slide off. If the base isn't completely covered with sand, re-glue those areas and pour on more sand. Let dry for 15 minutes.

9. Spread household glue onto the scrap piece of cardboard (or a paper plate). Press the bubble gum or a piece of tape onto the center of one large shell that you'll be using in your pattern. Using the gum as a holder, lift the shell, quickly dip its edges into the glue, and press it firmly onto the base according to your previously created pattern. Carefully detach the gum or tape.

10. Repeat this entire process for each shell. Begin with the largest shells. It's best to also start with those shells that are close to the mirror, then work your way outward toward the edges of the base. Remove all glue smears immediately from the mirror with a moist cloth and dry. Don't be tempted to check if the glue has fastened the shells to the mirror. It's best not to touch them until the glue has had time to dry. If you find that you are losing the pattern that you've created, alter it as best as you can. Shells seem to grow or shrink when you're actually trying to glue them to fit the design.

11. Fill in any holes with leftover small shells. These can be difficult to accurately place, so use care. Allow the glue to dry for at least a 1/2 hour.

12. Gently touch each shell. If any are loose, re-glue and allow to dry for at least 15 minutes.

13. Charge the blue candle with Psychic Energy. Place it into the holder. Place holder onto the center of the mirror. Say these or similar words with your hands held, palms downward over the mirror:

Candle lights
Mirror bright:
Bring to me
The Second Sight.

Allow the candle to burn for 9, 18, 27, or 36 minutes. Snuff out the candle's flame and wrap the mirror in blue cloth when not in use.

To use, position the mirror so that it reflects the ceiling (this may be achieved by leaning it against a book). Turn off the lights. Empower a blue candle, light it, and place it behind the mirror (where it won't be reflected). Sit comfortably before the mirror, breathe deeply, and gaze into the mirror. Allow yourself to be psychic.

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