Beaded Psychic Mandala

Items Needed:
16 inch embroidery hoop
Purple felt
#0 beading needle Purple or blue thread
Blue #10 gauge glass seed beads
Purple #10 gauge glass seed beads
Scissors Household glue A large, flat rock A blue candle and
candle holder
1. Assemble all items. Put felt onto embroidery hoop and secure.
Thread needle, knot one end of thread, and push needle through
center of felt from reverse side. Pull thread taut.
2. Place one blue bead onto thread of needle; sew tightly onto
center of felt. This is the center bead--the middle of the project.
3. Sew a purple bead beside the center blue bead. Position it as
close to the center bead as possible. Sew purple beads in a
circle around the center bead, once again closely positioning
them. Make the beads touch each other.
4. Sew a circle of blue beads around the purple circle.
5. Sew a circle of purple beads, then a circle of blue, a circle of
purple, a circle of blue, a circle of purple.
6. Sew a circle of blue beads. When you've sew the last bead in
this circle, tie off the thread and firmly knot on the reverse side of
the felt. (by this time you should have eight concentric circles of
alternating colors of beads around the center blue bead.)
7. Remove beaded felt from the hoop. With a pair of sharp
scissors, carefully cut off the access felt as close to the last circle
of beads as you can. Ensure that you don't cut any of the threads
that secure the last ring of beads.
8. Glue Psychic Mandala onto the rock with household glue. Be
sure of your placement. (If you can't find a suitable rock, glue the
Mandala to a flat piece of driftwood or some other natural
object.) It is now ready for use.
9. Hold the completed Psychic Mandala between your palms.
Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Send it peaceful, soothing
psychic energy.
When you wish to use the Psychic Mandala, light a blue candle.
Place it behind and to one side of you so that its light shines onto
the Psychic Mandala. Turn off all the other lights in the room.
Gaze at the concentric circles. Say in a hushed voice: Sacred
Circle of Second Sight,
With Magick Rings of Nine;
Bring me Psychic Visions tonight
While gazing at this Sign.
Sit comfortably and contemplate the Psychic Mandala. Don't
stare; gaze. Blink naturally if you wish. Soon your Higher
Consciousness will be awakened. Be still and listen.
Night is the best time to promote Psychic Visions. Be sure that
you are alone when you make the attempt.

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