Protection Sachet

Since you are making these to keep intruders at bay, the best time to make these is during a waning moon.  Prepare yourself by meditating upon your purpose before starting.  Keep your intent in your mind at all times while making these.  Intent and focus are far more powerful than any of the ingredients!
white cloth,
1 - 5" square for each window & door of house
and/or 1 for each car
red, cut into 9" lengths
(cloth and string should be of natural material - cotton, silk or wool)
Onion powder
Dragon's Blood
(just a small amount of each, a little bit goes a long way)
Grind equal parts of all the herbs, except dragon's blood (only use 3 pinches of it), with mortar and pestle, preferably.  While grinding, tell the herbs what you want them to be used for=8A (ie to protect my home, my car, and those welcomed by me within.)
Put 3 large pinches of the herb mixture into each square, saying, "One of my need, two of my will, three of my sweat."
Pull up the edges, and wrap the string around the "neck" of the sachet, 9 times (deosil), saying,
"I bind thee to protect my (house/car)and all welcomed by me within or around it.  It is my will.  So mote it be!"  Knot it.
Put the sachets above doors and windows, and/or under the driver's seat of your car.

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