How to Crochet a Tarot Bag

Exact directions are impossible to give as they depend a lot on the size of the deck its intended for.  You also need extra room for a layout cloth or whatever you keep with you deck.  Other things that change the size are the kind of thread, which colors, how fancy, etc. etc.
I will give you general guidelines for a plain bag done in double crochet (dc); let your imagination take it from there!
First, make a chain as long as the deck is wide -- a few stitches shorter if you want a snug fit, more if you need room for the booklet, wrapping material, whatever.  Add three more for a turning chain (counts as first dc).  Dc twice in the fourth ch from hook, then in each dc across to the
last one.  Dc 5 in the last ch.  Working on the other side of the starting ch, dc across to the end, working 2 dc in the last st.  Join to top of ch-3 with a slip st.
Start each round from here on by ch 3 as the first dc, and join to the top of this ch with a slip st at the end of each round.  Basically, work around in dc, working 5 dc in the center stitch of each end and joining at the end of each round, until the bottom is as big as you need it for your deck.
On the next round, dc in the back loop only of each stitch around; do not increase at all. (This round starts up the sides of the deck.) Again, keep joining at the end of each round, then ch 3 as the first dc of the next round.  After that first round, just dc in both loops of each dc around until the bag is 3 or 4 rounds taller than the deck to allow room to close
the bag.
Drawstring round: ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in next 2 dc, ch 3; [skip next 3 dc, 3 dc in next 3 stitches, ch 3] around, joining last ch 3 to top of turning ch. (Note: to make it come out even, you may need to skip an extra stitch on a hole or two, or work an extra between holes.  Just adjust it to fit.  If you!re using a heavier yarn instead of crochet thread, you may want to alternate 1 dc and ch 1 instead.  Again, adjust as needed.) On the next round, ch 3, then dc in each dc and ch around.  Then work another round or two even (depends on how much extra you want gathered at the top when its closed) and end off.
Just weave whatever kind of cord you want to use through the holes; mine is braided crochet thread, from all the colors I used to stripe the bag with.
You could use a ribbon, leather thong, crochet chain long enough, whatever works for you.
Anyway, there's the basic bag.  Just do whatever you like to modify and customize it from there.  I put my personal energy into every stitch and make a new bag for each new deck, as part of attuning the deck to me.

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