Pendulum Kit

A pendulum is simply a weighted object suspended from a chain or string.,
whose movements provide answers to questions you ask outloud. They can be
natural objects ( best) or man made ones.To make one , simply use an inexpensive cerystal pendant necklace , or other stone pendant. I made one from an elongated freshwater pearl pendant. Suspend the object from achain  ( about 5 inches long) and attach a keychain ring to the end for an easy grip.
On a parchment paper draw a circle, dicide the circle in thirds and label one third yes, one third no and one third I don't know.  Package in a small jewlery box or black veleveteen pouch , with the following instructions :
"Place your elbow on the table and suspend the chain of the pendulum from your
thumb and first two fingers. Allow the chain to still itself. Take a few deep
breaths, still your mind, and then begin to ask yes or no questions."

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