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The Seeing of Things to Pass

Letter- Th
Divinatory Meaning- Reactive force, directed force, cathartic, hardship, painful event, discipline, knowledge, introspection, focus
Magickal Uses- Aid in study and meditation, self-discipline, clearing out a bad situation
Myths & Deities- The Frost Giants, Loki
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes protection. It serves to help fate in that it allows one to overcome danger.
There is a controversy of the meaning of this rune. Some note the negative forces of
the dark side ourselves. Some say that it represents the ugly things like demons,
trolls and giants. Overall these may be in the same area of meaning. There is a dark
side that we must take control of in ourselves to break free of them and not become
them. Be careful on the meditation. Focus mainly on the identification and overcoming of the darker sides of things inside and outside ourselves.

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