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An Opening, Energy

Letter- C
Divinatory Meaning- Artistic or technical ability, craft transformations, offspring, torch, wisdom, insight, solution to a problem, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment
Magickal Uses- For creative inspiration, aid in study, fertility, dispelling anxiety and fear
Myths & Deities- Mimir, the Dwarfs, Muspellheim
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes good fortune in creating talismans, music, poetry, and writing. It is a very positive rune.
When you are in the darkness, an opening with light is the best and most gracious
thing to have bestowed upon you. This is a great time for putting energies into new
opportunities. Meditation revolves around seeing out of seemingly dark situations for
there is a way out of every situation. Focus on what the action is and invest energies
into breaking through.

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