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The Sacred Horse, Progress

Letter- E
Divinatory Meaning- Harmony, teamwork, trust, marriage, loyalty, transportation, motion, assistance, energy, power, communication, will, recklessness
Magickal Uses- Power, aiding in communication, transportation; to 'send' a spell
Myths & Deities- Sleipnir, Freya's feathered cloak
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes change, but a change that is gradual. Eh also defines it's surrounding runes, and makes what ever flaw in them, obvious.
Where would the viking be without their horses to take them on the long journeys. The goddess Frey had special appreciation for these animals. The message here is to not forget the useful beast given to us for us to train to take us to a higher level of civilization. In meditation, we focus on the tools that take us to higher levels in our lives. We thank those responsible for making these things accessible and then we learn the use of these items to their full potential, as if it were not for our tools, we would make little progress.

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