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Letter- L
Divinatory Meaning- Flow, life passing a test, sea of vitality, subconscious, growth, emotions, fears, unconscious mind, things hidden, revelation, intuition, counselling
Magickal Uses- Enhancing psychic abilities, confronting fears, stabilizing mental or emotional disorders, uncovering hidden things
Myths & Deities- Njord, Midgard Serpent
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes artistic endeavour, psychic powers, and the imagination. It is a "female rune."
All aspects of water are implies here. Flow, sea, river, lake, etc. are all one thing in
the greater picture. The mystery of the tides also imply as it was not known that the
moon had such a profound influence. The flow of the water is incorporated and
respected in the human body. This is for deep meditation of higher forces and the
materials that make up the body. Cleansing is important now.

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