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Yew Tree, Rebirth

Letter- Ei
Divinatory Meaning- Enlightenment, endurance, protection, initiation or test, change, initiation, confrontation of fears, turning point, death, transformation
Magickal Uses- To bring about profound change, to ease a life transition
Myths & Deities- Hel, Yggdrasil
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes protection, rebirth and occult knowledge. It is never an evil rune.
Weapons decided if you would keep your land and resources. To defend
themselves, the Vikings found the use of the Yew tree and made bows. This tree
gave them the ability to defend themselves. The characteristic crackle of the wood
soothed them during the cold winter nights. Meditate on the actions necessary to
defend our position in our lives and to enjoy the things we have worked for in our "down" time. Keep learning the best ways to defend against the malicious actions of others and strive to never be caught off-guard.

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