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Spiritual Warrior

Letter- T
Divinatory Meaning- Truth, justice, rationality, analysis, victory, self-sacrifice, duty, discipline, responsibility, self-sacrifice, conflict, strength, a wound, physicality, the warrior path
Magickal Uses- Protection, victory, strength, strengthening the will, healing a wound
Myths & Deities- Tyr and the Fenris Wolf, Odin's ordeals
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes all battles. It has a positive spirit in that it is helpful in recovering from an accident or illness.
This is the rune of Tyr, the god of war, and was often seen painted on the shields of
many warriors in battle. This is the protector of the warrior and the giver of victory.
For meditiation, this rune is best known for gaining strength in overcoming an
adversarial situation. It is also a great rune to keep serious physical harm as far
away as possible.

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