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Protective Sanctuary, Friendship

Letter- X, Z
Divinatory Meaning- Connection with Gods, higher life, protection, awakening, assistance, defence, warning, support, a mentor, an ethical dilemma
Magickal Uses- For protection, hunting
Myths & Deities- Heimdall, Gjallerhorn
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes protection from enemies, friendship, success, grounding. It is a very powerful rune to summon the gods.
This is the place to stay when you are in need of a safety zone. As a mirror to
teiwaz, the warrior goes to the sanctuary to reflect and heal the wounds of the
battle. This is a place to feel the full pain and not to shy away, for there is a lesson
here. Meditation on this rune should involve the painful things in life and what is to
be learned from the anguish. Facing the pain will make you stronger and wiser for the next battle.

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