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The Negatives of Human Needs, Patience

Letter- N
Divinatory Meaning- Need, necessity, resistance, recognition of Wyrd, poverty, hardship, responsibility, discontent, obstacle, frustration
Magickal Uses- To represent a need to be filled
Myths & Deities- Freyr & Gurd, the Otter's Gold
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes that a situation has become blocked and patience is needed. It is an excellent long-term rune. It does not bode well for matters of the heart or sex, and may mean that you need to start building bridges towards your desire.
It was at the hardest times that the true meaning of what is needed for survival is
missed the most. It was at these times that misery sometimes was the only
companion. The proof of how delicate we really are in this somtetimes harsh world
comes clear in the mind. One should meditate how bad things can really get and
what things are not needed to maintain true survival at the deepest times of need.

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