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Destructive Forces, Limits

Letter- H
Divinatory Meaning- Disruption, change due to ideals, controlled crisis, harmony, sudden loss, ordeal, destruction, disaster, clearance, testing, karmic lesson, drastic change
Magickal Uses- Removing unwanted influences, breaking destructive patterns
Myths & Deities- Ragnarok, Loki, Frost Giants
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes the primal forces of the cosmos. It indicates frustration and the need to understand what is happening. It is an unpredictable rune.
This is an acknowledgement of the force of nature at its worst. The Vikings had
many a harsh winter and year-round poor weather. Months of work could be ruined
by an act of nature. This also represents those things that are out of our control. We
should meditate on the acceptance of the tough times brought on by the seasons.
We cannot control everything that goes on around, so we should to learn to "let go and let God" as the saying goes.

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