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Inheritance, Usually from Separation

Letter- O
Divinatory Meaning- Home, homeland, group order, group prosperity, freedom, inheritance, property, land, permenance, legacy, synthesis, sense of belonging
Magickal Uses- For aquiring land or property, to complete a project, to strengthen family ties
Myths & Deities- The nine worlds of Yggdrasil
Symbolism- This rune symbolizes the family, home, land, furniture and ancestry. It relates to all domestic duties and even elders and traditional family responsibility.
We inherit by our birthright. When a life's cycle ends, the next of the lineage inherits
the wealth and responsibility. Sometimes a retreat is necessary from the severity of
the loss. Meditation is to take the retreat to find the true meanings of what actions
are to be taken since the influences of the past are now gone. New ideas may be
introduced and tried with the acquiring of the new items.

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