September6- October2

6- Incan Feast of the Moon
7- Daena(Maiden-Goddess of the Parsees), Healer's Day
8- Feast of the Nativity of Mary
9- Cernunnos(Horned God)
10- Ceremony of the Deermen
11- Day of Queens
13- Runic Half Month of Ken(illumination) Begins, Lectisternia(Honr of Juno, Jupiter, Minerva), Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Nephthys, Ceremony of Lighting the Fire
14- Feast of the Holy Cross, Feast of Lights
16- Feast of St. Cornely
17- Demeter
18- Chinese Harvest Moon Festival
19- Gula(Babylonian Goddess of Birth), Thoth(Egyptian God of both Wisdom and the Magickal Arts)
20- Spring Equinox (Southern Hemisphere), Quetzalcoatl(Aztec Fertility-God)
21- Egyptian Threefold Goddess, Athena, Egyptian Feast of Divine Life, St. Matthew's Day
22- Autumn Equinox, Persephone, Mabon, Alban Elfed, Winter Finding
23- Carpo(Goddess of Autumn), Carman(Goddess of Poetry), Greater Eleusinia
24- Obatala(Yoruban Hermaphrodite Diety)
25- Sedna(Eskimo Goddess of both the Sea and the Underworld), Apollo, The Horae(Greek Goddess of the Four Seaons), Feast of Pyanopsia
26- Thesus, Azazel(Hebrew)
27- The Moon Hare(Chinese Lunar Deity)
28- Runic Half Month of Gyfu(gift) Begins, Demeter(Through October 3), Thesmophoria Festival
29- Gwynn ap Nudd(Celtic God of both the Underworld and the Faerie Kingdom), Michaelmas, Heimdall(Norse God)
30- Celtic Tree Month of Gort(ivy) Begins, Medetrina(Roman Goddess of Medicine and Healing), Festival of Themis
1- Fides(Roman Goddess who Personified Faithfulness)
2- Guiding Spirits Day

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