January23- February19

23- Day of Hathor (Egyptian Cow-Headed Goddess)
24- Ekeko(Aymara Indian God of Prosperity), Blessing of the Candle of the Happy Women (Hungary)
25- Old Disting(Feast of the Disir-Norse guardian Goddesses), All Ancient Gods and Goddesses of Sweden, Tet (Vietnamese New Year)
27- Day of Ishtar (Assyrian/Bablyonian Goddess of Love and War), Paganalia (Roman)
28- Runic Half Month of Elhaz(elk) Begins, Upelly-AA (Norse)
29- Irene, Parade of Unicorns (Vietnamese)
30- Pax(Roman Goddess of Peace), Sementivae Feria (Roman)
31- Disir(Norse Guardian Goddesses), The Valkyries, The Norns, Kuan Yin(Chinese Goddess of Healing and Mercy)
1- Imbolc (Candlemas Eve), Oimelc, Brigit(Celtic Earth-mother, Goddess of Fire, Wisdom, Poetry and sacred Wells), Lesser Eleusian Mysteries
2- Imbolc (Candlemas), Juno Februa, Brigit's Day (Irish), Groundhog Day
3- Blessing of the Throats
5- Tyche, Fortuna, Wyrd, Feast of Ia
6- Aphrodite(Greek Goddess of Love)
7- Festival of Li Chum (China)
8- Star Festival (China)
9- Narvik Sun Pageant (Norse), Chingay Procession (Singapore), Feast of Apollo (Greek)
10- Anaitis(Persian Goddess of the Moon)
12- Runic Half Month of Sigel(sun) Begins, Artemis, Festival of Diana (Roman)
13- Parentalia (Roman)
14- Vali(Norse Archer-God), Juno Februa, Juno Lupa(Roman She-Wolf Goddess), Festival of Love (Roman), St. Valentine's Day
15- Sigfrid, Faunus, Lupercalia
16- Devil's Dance (Tibetan New Year)
17- Fornacalia (Roman), Birth of Kali (Hindu Destoyer-Goddess)
18- Celtic Tree Month of Nuin(ash) Begins, Tacita(Roman Goddess of Silence), Spandarmat(Persian Goddess), Spenta Armaiti (Persia), Festival of Women
19- Minerva, Nammu, Nina

Cailleach/Samhain , Astraea , Hestia , Bridhe ,Moura , Columbina , Maia , Hera , Rosea , Kerea , Hesperis , Mala , Hathor
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