November28- December25

28- The Runic-Half Month of Is(stasis) Begins, Sophia
29- The Sons of the God Saturn, Feast of Hathor
30- Andros(The Divine Personification of Manhood), Skadi(Scottish Goddess), St. Andrews Night
1- Day of Pallas Athena, Poseidon
2- Festival of Broken Needles, AllPatron Goddesses of Japanese Craftswomen
3- Cybele Bona Dea(the Good Goddess)
4- Minerva, Chango(Yoruban God of Lightning Bolts), Pallas Athena
5- Poseidea Festival, Lucina(Goddess of Light)
6- Thor
7- Demeter, Haloia of Demeter
8- Astraea(Greek Goddess of Justice), Amaterasu, Festival of Ixchel, Festival of Neith(Ancient Egyptian Earth-Goddess of the Delta)
9- Tonantzin
10- Liberty(Goddess of Freedom), Lux Mundi Festival, December Moon Festival
11- Arrianhod, The Snow Queen Goddess, Yuki Onne, Day of Bruma(Roman Goddess of the Winter Season)
12- Coatlique, Tonantzin, The Black Madonna, Zorastrian Fire Festival, Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe
13- The Runic-Half Month of Jara(year) Month, Little Yule (St. Lucia's Day)
15- Alcyone(Greek Goddess), Halcyon Days Festival, Festival of Navidades
16- Sapientia/Sophia(Goddess of Wisdom), Athena, Kista, Maat, Minerva, the Shekinah, Spider Woman(Hopi Tribe), Hawk Maiden(Hopi Tribe), Posadas, Soyal Ceremony
17- Saturnalia(Through 24th), Saturn, Ops
18- Diev(Latvian God), Feast of Eponalia(Celtic Mother-Goddess, Patroness of Horses)
19- Opalia Festival(Ops), Sankrant(Hindu Goddess)
20- The Mother Night
21- Yule, Winter Solstice, Midwinter, Alban Arthuan, The Horned God
23- The Secret of the Unhewn Stone, Balomain(Kalish Demi-God), Day of Hathor, Laurentina Ceremony(Roman Mother of the Lares)
24- The Celtic Tree Month of Beth(birch) Begins, Christmas Eve
25- Christmas Day, Invicti Solis(Ancient Roman Solar Diety, the Invincible Sun), Lutzelfrau and Perchta(German Yuletide Witches)

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