December26- January22

26- First Day of Yuletide, Frau Sonne, Igaehindvo, The Star Faery, Sunne, Yemaya
27- Birth of Freyja(Norse Goddess of Fertility, Love and Beauty)
28- Half Month of Eoh(yew tree) Begins
29- Day of Nymphs, Andromeda, Ariadne, Artemis
31- New Year's Eve, Hogmanay (Scottish New Year), Hogmagog(Scottish God of the Sun)
1- Fortuna, Jupiter, Juno, Janus, The Three Fates, Bertha(German Goddess), The Morrigan, The Parcae, Japanese Household Gods, New Year's Day
2- Advent of Isis (Phoenecia), Inanna(Sumerian Queen of Heaven), Perihelion of the Earth
3- Dionysus, The Deer Mothers(Native American Spirit-Goddesses), Lenaia Festival (Greek), Pueblo Deer Dances, Kalends of January (French)
4- Sacrifice to the Seven Stars (Korea)
5- Feast of Befana (Roman)
6- Twelfth Night (England), Day of the Triple Goddess (Celtic), Kore, Persephone
7- Sekhmet
8- Babo, Freya, Justicia(Roman Goddess of Justice), Old Druid New Year, Midwife's Day (Greek)
10- Day of Freyja (Norse), Iroquois Feast of Dreams, Geraint(Welsh Bard)
11- Carmentalia (Roman Nymphs of Prophecy), Juturno
12- The Lares(Roman Household Gods), Frigg(Chief Goddess of Old England), Festival of Saravasti (India), Compatlia (Roman)
13- Runic Half Month of Peorth(womb, dice cup) Begins, Tiu(Ancient Teutonic Chief God, Ruler of the Year), Feast of Brewing Midwinter's Offering (Norse), Tiugunde Day
14- Surya(Indian God of the Sun)
15- Carmentalia(second festival), Feast of the Ass (Roman)
16- Concordia, Betoro Bromo(Indonesian God of Fire)
17- Felicitas(Roman Goddess of Good Fortune), Wassailing the Apple Trees (Celtic Britain)
18- Zao Jun(Chinese Kitchen-God), Theogamia of Hera (Greek)
19- Thor(Norse God of Thunder and Lightning), Thorrablottar/Husband's Day (Iceland)
20- Grandmother's Day (Bulgaria)
21- Celtic Tree Month of Luis(rowan) Begins, Yngona(Danish Goddess)
22- Festival of the Muses

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