June13- July10

13- Athena
14- Runic Half Month of Dag(day) Begins, Vidar(Son of the Norse God Odin), Minerva, Jagannath(A Benevolent Incarnation of the Indian God Vishnu), Lesser Quinquatras
15- Vestalia
16- Silver Chalice Day, Night of the Teardrop
17- Eurydice(Greek Tree Nymph/Underworld Goddess), Festival of Ludi Piscatori
18- Anna(Roman Goddess), Dragon Boat Festival
19- Day of All Heras
20- Midsummer Eve, Day of Cerridwen(Celtic Goddess of Fertility), Iron Skegge(Norse martyr)
21- Midsummer, Hera, Kupala(Russian Fertility Goddess)
23- The Green Man, Day of Cu Chulain
24- Fortuna, St. John's Eve, Burning of the Lamps, Old Midsummer
25- Parvati(Indian goddess0
26- Salavi(Native American Spruce Tree/Rain God), The Corn Mothers, The Kachinas
27- God of the Summer Sun(Native American, Plains Tribe), Anetophoria Festival, Initium Aetatis(Roman Festival for Aestas-The Summertime Goddess)
28- Hemera(Greek Goddess of Day), Runic New Years Eve
29- Runic Half Month of Feoh(wealth) Begins, Frey, Freyja, Papa Legba(Voodoo God of Crossroads), Bamming the Thorn, Runic New Year
30- Aestas(Roman Corn-Goddess of Summer), Ceres, Changing Woman(Native American), Chicomecoatl(Aztec), The Corn Mothers, Demeter, Gaia, Ge, Hestia, Iatiku, Oraea, Pachamama, Spider Woman(Native American), Tonantzin
1- The Nagas(Snake-Gods of Nepal), Fuji(Japanese Goddess of Fire)
2- All Pagan Gods and Goddesses who Preside over Birth and Fertility, Feast of Expectant Mothers
3- The Witch of Gaeta, Athena, Green Corn Dance, The Dog Days Begin.
4- Day of Pax, Lady Liberty, Gahan Ceremonial
5- Maat(Egyptian Goddess Of Wisdom and Inner Truth), Aphelion of the Earth
6- All Horned Goddesses, Running of the Bulls
7- Consualia Festival(Roman God of the Harvest), Caprotina(Goddess of the Fig Tree), Feriae Ancillarum(Festival of Handmaids)
8- Celtic Tree Month of Tinne(holly) Begins, Sunna(Norse Goddess of the Sun), Nones of Wild Rigs
9- Dionysus, Rhea, Panathenaea Begins
10- European Goddesses of the Underworld: Holda, Hela, Skadi, Day of Hel, Lady Godiva Day

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