March20- April17

20- Ostara/Vernal Equinox, Alban Eilir, Iduna(Norse Goddess), Fortuna, The Morrigan, The Norns, The Three Fates, The Three Mothers(Lakshmi, Parvati and Sarasvati)
21- Aries
22- Eostre(Saxon Fertility Goddess), Ostara(German Fertility Goddess), The Green Goddess, Lord of the Greenwood, Procession of the Tree Bearers
23- Summer Finding(Norse festival for the power of the sun), Mars, Saturn
24- Prytania(Britannia), Heimdall, Cybele, Day of Blood
25- Mars and Neria, Festival of Lady Day
26- Solitude Day
27- Liber Pater(Roman God of Wine), Gauri(Indian Goddess of Marriage), Liberalia
28- Sacrifice at the Tombs, Pallas, Kwan Yin, Rudra
29- Festival of Ishtar, Birthday of Artemis, All African Gods of Rain and Harvest
30- Runic Half Month of Ehwaz(horse) Begins, Janus, Concordia
31- Festival of Luna(Roman Goddess of the Moon)
1- April Fool's Day, Fortuna Virilis(Roman Woman's festival seeking Good Relations with Men), Festival of Kali, Day of Hathor, Birth of Venus, Loki(Norse Trickster-God)
3- Persephones return from the Underworld
4- Megalesia of Cybele(Festival of The Great Mother through the 10th)
5- Festival of Good Luck(Fortuna), Festival of Kuan Yin
7- The Blajini(Rumanian Spirit-Gods of both Water and the Underworld)
9- A-Ma(Portuguese Patroness of Fisherman), All Amazon Goddesses
10- Bau(Babylonian Goddess), Sun Dance
11- Eostre, Ostara, Day of Anahit(Armenian Goddess of Love)
12- Cerealia(Through the 19th), Ceres, Chu-Si-Niu(Taiwanese Goddess who Presides over the Birth of Mortals)
13- Libertas(Roman Goddess of Liberty)
14- Runic Half Month of Man(human being) Begins, Maryamma(Mariamne, All Hindu Sea-Gods, Festival of Sommersblat
15- Celtic Tree Month of Saille(willow) Begins, Tellus Mater(Mother Earth), Festival of Bast
16- Apollo, Hiketeria
17- Machendrana(Himalayan Rain-God)

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