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The Nemesis Conjuration

In this ritual the Greek Goddess Nemesis, a deity of fate and vengeance, is seen in the
role of being the complementary opposite of ones ego referring to the inner self as the
center of both personalities. Habits and actions taken against ones real desires create
the opposite to the same degree and thereby form an anti-personality of ones ego,
which in this case is identified with the principle of Nemesis.

Disturbances on the plane of reality due to actions against ones subconscious desires
can be eliminated by ritual union with this personal demon-sister/brother and enable one
to reach ones inner self, which is defined as the mean value of both the personalities.

The effect of this ritual, if performed correctly, would by definition be fatal. Therefore the
operation is strictly limited to the part of the psyche which the magician wishes to
explore. A sigil representing this portion of the psyche is forcibly activated during the
ritual in order that the magician may seek answers to his problems within the chosen
area in the personality. No specific wishes or desires can be used for this purpose, only
general ones. This is a necessary restriction to avoid being overwhelmed by any
unpleasant effects. The magician should be aware of this when constructing the sigil.

Nemesis Conjuration:
   2.The ritual is performed sitting on the ground in the posture of the Rune PERDRO.
     The head may rest on the lower part of the arms, and the face should be covered
     by the cowl of the robe.
   4.The incantation is given while visualizing a winged figure of opposite sex who
     approaches the magician. The figure wears the chosen sigil on his/her breast and
     is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time.
     Come to me oh Nemesis, mighty, terrifying and beloved sister.
     Come to me oh Nemesis, you, who are the goddess of my god,
     you, who are the demon of my demon.
     Come to me oh Nemesis, you, who are the demon of my god,
     you, who are the goddess of my demon.
     Come to me oh Nemesis, you, who are part of me which I am not,
     you, who are the counterbalance on the
     scales of my fate.
     Come to me oh Nemesis, you, whose wings carry us to our
     mutual central Kia.
     Come to me oh Nemesis, you, who are my ultimate fear,
     you, who are my ultimate desire.
     you, with whom to unite is the sigh of
     ecstasy and the silence of death.
     Come to me oh Nemesis, for you are my path and I am our aim
     I call upon you to meet me in this sigil.
     Come to me oh Nemesis and guide me through this sigil to our
     mutual central Kia !

Start hyperventilation during the reading out of the incantation. The visualized figure with
the sigil coming closer and closer to finally melt into your own body. When this point is
reached shout out:

     (I move the wings of the secret wisdom within me!)

   1.Banishing and/or laughter.

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