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To Create Sacred Space and a Permanent Altar


2 White Altar Candles



Figurine/Image (optional)

White Candle


Clean/Sweep Area

 Dress Candles

Ritual Bath


Short Description of Ritual:

Light left Altar Candle

Light right Altar Candle

Light incense

Light white candle, rise up with it in your hand, turn to your right and, with candle in hand, walk the perimeter of the space you wish to make sacred, investing that path with energy, saying:

"By the Light, which cuts thru darkness

By the Fire, which burns within

 By my Will, which stirs the elements

Let nothing harmful in"

As you reach the the altar, set the candle down in the appropriate place and say:

"So Mote It Be"

While within the circle of your sacred space, do whatever work you have need to do (if setting up permanent altar, bless the items that you have chosen for it, setting them in those places that are appropriate).

When it is time to leave, lift up the white candle, turn to your left and, with candle in hand, walk the perimeter of your sacred space, taking back the energy you had laid down before, saying:

"By my Will, which called the elements

By the Fire, which burned so bright

By the Light, which lit the darkness

I will leave you for tonight"

Extinguish the white candle and set it down on the altar.

Extinguish the right Altar candle.

Extinguish the left Altar candle.

Face the altar one last time and say:

"So Mote It Be"

Note: if the area you have is too small to walk the circle, hold the candle out before you and slowly turn so as to shine the light around the space you are to make sacred.

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