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Rite of Self Dedication

Begin by removing your clothes and bathing yoruself in a perfumed or herbal ritual bath (symbolic of the element water) to purify your body and spirit of negative vibrations. As you bathe, clear your mind completely of all mundane, negative and unpleasant thoughts, and meditate until your body is totally relaxed.

After bathing, cast on the floor a circle of about six feet in diameter, using white chalk or paint. Sprinkle a little salt (symbolic of the element earth) over the circle to consecrate it, and say:

With salt I consecrate

and bless this circle

in the divine name of the goddess

and her consort, the horned god.

Blessed Be!

Sit in the center of your circle, facing north, with two white candles (symbolic of the element fire) and a censer of frankincense and myrrh incense (symbolic of the element air) before you. (it is best to perform this ritual alone and skyclad, or nude; however, if you feel uncomfortable working without clothing on, you may wear a white ceremonial robe instead.)

Light the incense, and the light the first candle,

and say:

I invoke and call upon thee

O mother Goddess, creatress of life

and soul of the infinite universe.

By candle flame and incense smoke

Do I invoke Thee to bless this rite.

And to grant me admittance

to the company of they loving children.

O beautiful Goddess of life and rebirth

who is known as Cerridwen, Astarte, Athena, Brigit,

Diana, Isis, Melusine, Aphrodite,

and by many other divine names,

In this consecrated circle of candlelight

I do pledge myself to honour thee,

to love thee, and to server thee well

for as long as I shall live

I promise to respect and obey the law

of love unto all living things.

I promise never to reveal craft secrets

to any man or woman not the same path;

and I swear to abide by the wiccan rede;

"an it harm none, do what thou wilt."

O goddess, queen of all witches,

I do open my heart and soul to thee.

So mote it be!

Light the second candle, and say:

I invoke an d call upon thee

O Great Horned god of Pagans,

Lord of all the green woodlands

and Father of all things wild and free.

By candle flame and incense smoke

Do I invoke Thee to bless this rite.

O Great Horned God of Death

And all that come after

Who is known as Cernunnos, Attis, Pan, Daghda,

Faunus, Frey, Odin, Lupercus,

and by many other names,

In this consecrated circle of candlelight

I do pledge myself to honour thee,

to love thee, and to serve thee well

for as long as I shall live.

O great horned God of Peace and Love

I do open my heart and soul to thee.

So mote it be!

Hold your open hands up to the heavens. Close your eyes and visualise two whitebeams of glowing light streaking down from the sky and flowing into your palms. A warm, tingling feeling will begin to spread throughout your body as the love power of the Goddess and the God purifies your soul.

Do not be afraid if you being to hear a voice (or voices) speaking inside your mind as if by telepathy. It is the Goddess and the God within you making their presence known. (Although no every Wiccan hears or perceives the actual spoken words of the Goddess and the Horned God - some merely feel their divine presence and live - it is not uncommon for the Pagan deities to speak directly to a newly self-initiated Witch, especially if he or she is psychic-sensitive to being with.)

Remain in the consecrated circle until both of the candles and the incense have burned themselves out. The Wiccan Rite of Self-Initiation is now ended.

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