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Protection Ritual

This ritual provides a protective non-aggressive shield.
Requirements are:
Five candles.
Five small containers for water.
Incense and Thurible or censor.
Feather or fan.
Stone or Crystal.
A five pointed star is scribed upon the ground. Its apex at the Northern
At each point a placed a candle.
And a small receptacle for water.

Cast Circle.
"Upon this Earth do I move and have being,
Blessed be the Earth!
I, who govern the works of fire,
shall sprinkle with
the lustral waters of the loud resounding sea.
And, when all phantoms have vanished,
thou shalt see that formless fire,
that fire which darts and flashes
through the hidden depths of the universe.
Hear thou the voice of the fire!
Within me flows the breath of life,
about me flows the breath of living."

Standing Centre invoke Guardians/Elementals.
"Ye mighty ones of the watchtowers lend thy aid to me,
within the symbol of the five point star.
this I beseech of thee.
Lords of the elementals of Air and Fire, Water and Earth,
I request thee to so instruct thy servant
that I may be obedient unto our wishes."
Spirits of Air and Fire, Water and earth,
I adjure thee to do my bidding
Hear now my command.
set thou about me and all that is mine,
a sphere of my conjuration,
to so protect me from all harm,
that I may go about My life pursuits in peace.
Let no evil nor adverse force approach,
let only that which is beneficial come nigh
This I charge thee through the might of thy lords and their seniors.
This is my command, this is my command,
and such shall stand as I desire

Air:- circumambulate with Fan/Feather saying:-
 "A mighty wind encompass Me to keep me from all harm" (Visualise0
Fire:-Circumambulate with taper. lighting each candle at points.
 "A fiery shield of golden flame to banish every charm" (Visualise)
Water:-Circumambulate with water. pouring drop into each Receptacle
 "A darksome moat, of shining sheen to trap the wary spy". (Visualise)
Earth:- circumambulate with Stone/Crystal.
 "A rocky wall of sharpened peaks invisibly rise high" (Visualise)

 "I conjure forth a fortress of impenetrable strength.
  Let there be about me and that which is mine a garment of Air, and Fire,
Water and Earth. let no adverse forces pass between its weave.
Air...By the watchers of the Eastern quarter, shall I be shielded that no

harm befall you through the powers of Air.
Fire...By the watchers of the Southern quarter shall I be shielded, that
harm befall you through the powers of Fire.
Water..By the watchers of the Western quarter shall I be shielded, that no
harm befall you through the powers of water.
Earth...By the watchers of the Northern quarter shall I be shielded, that

no harm befall you through the powers of earth.
(Taking up the Mirror say:-)
I invoke and call upon thee, threefold Goddess of the Moon. Zarunna of the
secret name, Queen of the moonlit sea. thee I invoke

Mother of the Moon and calm waters, let thy light fall upon me.
Aid me with thy power to set between us here and that which would seek to

harm me, a mirror of power. let that mirror reflect all harmful forces to

their origins, let that evil which they express be returned to them
threefold, until full recompense is made
(Hold mirror outward and Circumambulate saying:

"That which comes of evil intent, by mirror here be backward sent.
 By all the powers of land and sea, returned threefold shall it be"

Return Centre and pause for short period.

Rise and give thanks to the Guardians and the Lady and close your circle.

Your rite is ended.. Blessed Be!

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