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Spiritual Growth Ritual of the Wolves

Supplies needed for ritual:

Appropriate incense, such as Wisteria, lotus, frankincense.

Four crystals and four stones (white, yellow, brown, indigo).

Candles (white, gold/sunny yellow, purple, silver/light grey).

"Wash" the incense smoke over your head and heart areas as you siti n a comfortable position. You can use a chair since you may be meditating for some time.

Set the candles at a safe distance around you and light them. Lay a stone beside each candle. It does not matter which colors are in which direction.


By these sacred lights I walk the spirit path.

Guided by these sacred stones, I know the true way.

Great spirit wolves, I ask your presence

As I make my journey in search of wisdom.

I journey for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

 Walk beside me as I tread the ancient ways.

Great wolves, my friends and guides, I honor your powers.

Enter a meditation by visualizing yourself in an astral world exsistance.

Try to enter this plane without preconceived ideas of what it will look like or what you will see.

Know that you are fully protected by the great wolves; you should be able to feel them, if not see them, journeying with you.

The wolves will probably lead you to a temple, an ancient growve where there is a teacher, or an ancient sacred place where you can make direct contact with deities.

Pay close attention to what you see and hear. However, don't accept any strange or demading orders that go against your commen sense or your own intuition.

Take as long as you wish for this meditation.

When you return, jot down everything you can remember about your journey.

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