The Fragrant Language of Flowers

Acacia- secret love
Almond- hope, watchfulness, haste
Aloe- superstition
Aspen- fear, sensibility
Balm- sympathy
Basil- hatred
Bay Leaf- change
Birch- grace
Buttercup- riches
Camomile- energy
Carnation- admiration
Cedar- strength
Clover- fertility, luck
Daisy- innocence
Dandelion- oracle
Elder- compassion
Evergreen- worth
Fennel- strength
Fir- time
Foxglove- ambition
Geranium- recall
Hawthorn- hope
Heather- solitude
Holly- foresight, good wishes
Honeysuckle- fidelity
Horse Chestnut- luxury
Iris- hope, messages
Ivy- friendship
Jasmine- amiability
Lavender- answers
Lilac- first love
Lily- purity, joy
Marigold- sorrow
Mistletoe- overcoming difficulties
Moss- maternal love
Myrtle- love
Nightshade- secrets
Oak- hospitality
Pansy- thoughtfulness
Periwinkle- friendship
Poppy- sleep, comfort
Primrose- consistency
Rose- beauty, love
Rose(burgundy)- simple pleasures
Rose(versicolor)- mirthfulness
Rose(moss)- merit
Sweet William- treachery
Thistle- defiance
Thyme- courage
Violet- steadfastness
White Poplar- time
Yew- faith, rebirth
Zinnia- friendship

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