38 Bach Flower Remedies Plus Some Other Flower Remedies

Agrimony- For inner torture behind a facade; awakens inner peace.
Angelica- Opens one to the ministrations of the spiritual realm and angelic influences.
Aspen- For anxiety/apprehension; awakens openness to new experiences.
Beech- For Criticalness; awakens acceptance and tolerance.
Blackberry- For manifesting creative inspiration and for opening to new levels of consciousness.
Calendula- Awakens the healing power for words.
California Poppy- For higher intuition; assists in connecting with the nature kingdom and in seeing the aura.
Centaury- For weakness of will; awakens inner strength.
Cerato- For lack of confidence; awakens trust in inner guidance.
Chaparral- Helps one to experience deeper levels of psychic awareness and perception through dreams; helps in detoxifying the system.
Cherry Plum- For fear of collapse/shock; awakens courage under stress.
Chestnut Bud- For repeating same mistakes; awakens awareness of life's lessons.
Chicory- For possessiveness and martyr syndromes; awakens appropriate giving and receiving.
Clematis- For dreaminess and lack of attention; awakens a grounding and practical inspiration.
Crab Apple- For feelings of uncleanliness or shame; awakens harmony and an inner cleansing.
Elm- For feelings of inadequacy; awakens self-confidence.
Gentain- For discouragement and self-doubt; awakens perservance and confidence.
Gorse- For dispair and hopelessness; awakens faith and hope.
Heather- For self-adsorption and failure to listen; awakens caring for others and ability to listen.
Holly- For jealousy, hate and revenge; awakens compassion.
Honeysuckle- For dwelling in the past; awakens letting go of the past.
Hornbean- For lacking strength to handle daily activities; awakens confidence of energy and ability.
Impatiens- For impatience and irritability; awakens patience and understanding.
Indian Paintbrush- Stimulates artistic and creavtive expression.
Iris- Stimulates creative imagination and inspiration; awakens artistic abilities.
Larch- For lack of self-confidence and inferority; awakens confidence and creative expression.
Lavender- Soothing to the nerves and over-sensitivity to psychic and spiritual experiences.
Lotus- For inspiration, intuition and healing; amplifies the effects of the essences.
Mimulus- For rears and shyness; awakens courage and confidence.
Mugwort- Awakens greater awareness of spiritual influence and understanding of dreams; assists in making you more conscious of your psychic energies.
Mustard- For gloom and depression; awakens joy and peace of mind.
Oak- For despair and despondency; awakens brave perservance and strength.
Olive- For mental/physical exhaustion; awakens renewed vitality.
Pine- For guilt and blame; awakens positive self-acceptance.
Red Chestnut- For excessive fear and anxiety; awakens calm detachment.
Rock Rose- For terror and panic; awakens courage to transcend self.
Rock Water- For inflexibility and self-denial; awakens flexibility, spontaneity and self-nurturance.
Rose- Awakens love and inspiration; helps attune to the angelic heirarchies and the divine Feminine.
Rosemary- Assists in controlling out-of-body experiences; stimulates mental faculties.
Sage- Assists in awakeningto inner world experiences; slows aging process; understanding life experiences.
St. Johnswort- Opens one to divine guidance; activates ability for lucid dreaming; assists in out-of-body experiences.
Scleranthus- For uncertainty and indecision; awakens stable desiveness.
Shasta Daisy- Spiritualizes the intellect; assists in seeinf the entire picture.
Star of Bethlehem- For all shocks and traumas; awakens healing of trauma.
Star Tulip- Makes one receptive to spiritual realms and astrological influences; awakens feminine aspects of imagination and intuition.
Sunflower- Balances the ego and awakens the inner light of divine inspiration; assists in realizing capabilities of the soul.
Sweet Chestnut- For despair and the last of endurance; awakens faith in darkest of times.
Vervain- For fanatical straining and over-enthusiastic; awakens relaxation and moderation.
Vine- For domineering and inflexibility; awakens sensitive leadership and respect.
Violet- Attunement to the fairy realms; for awakening warmth and greater spirituality.
Walnut- For transition and change and over-sensitivity; awakens objectivity and freedom of perspectives.
Water Violet- For excessive pride and superiority; awakens humility and service.
White Chestnut- For unwanted thoughts and worry; awakens quietness and clarity of mind.
Wild Oat- For dissatisfaction in achievement; awakens clarity of life direction.
Wild Rose- (1)For apathy and resignation; awakens enthusiasm for life. (2)For overcomingapathy and for intergrating the spiritual in the physical; tonic for longstanding illness.
Willow- For resentment and bitterness; awakens acceptance of responsibility and releasing of blame.
Yarrow- For psychic protection and oversensitivity; strengthens the aura; gives emotional clarity; eases stress.

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