The Magical Power of Trees

Almond- Divination, Clairvoyance, Wisdom, Money, Loans, Business

Apple- Healing, Prosperity, Love, Perpetual youth

Ash- Protection, Sex Magic

Apricot- Love

Aspen- Protection

Birch- Protection, Purification, Fertility, New beginnings

Cedar- Prosperity, Longevity

Coconut- Purity, Chasity, Healing

Cypress- Past life workings, Protection

Elder- Healing, Protection, Prosperity

Elm- Protection

Eucalyptus- Healing

Fig- Fertility, Strenght, Energy, Health

Hawthorn- Cleansing, Marriage, Protection, Reconciliation

Hemlock- Not Recommended for use

Juniper- Protection

Lemon- Divination, Healing, Chasity, Neutrality

Lime- Divination, Healing, Chasity, Neutrality

Linden- Protection

Maple- Divivation, Love

Mulberry- Knowledge, Divination, Wisdom, the Will

Oak- Healing, Strenght, Money, longevity

Olive- Peace, Fuitfulness, Security, Money, Marriage, Fidelity

Orange- Love, Marriage

Palm- Strenght

Peach- Love, Divination

Pine- Purification, Health, Fortune, Fertility, Prosperity

Rowan- Protection, Strenght

Walnut- Healing, Protection

Willow- Healing, protection, Enchantments, Wishing, Easy deliveries

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