Herbal Folklore

Angelica - protects from evil
Ash - (wood) invincibility.
Balm Mellisa - all healing. Is reputed to repel illness.
Bettony - protection against evil spirits.
Borrage - (flowers) gives courage.
Bracken - fern seeds gathered at midsummer are golden and were said to make the wearer invisible and also bring gold to the user.
Briar Rose - protects from bites of dog or snake.
Clover - (flowers and leaves) bring good luck, and was said to bring clairvoyant powers.
Daisy - innocence and love.
Dill - love
Eglantine (sweet briar) - pleasure.
Elder - (use only twigs, do not cut tree) beloved of the elves and the goddess, Elder brings wisdom, joy and delight.
Elm - childbirth. (its associated with Embla, the first woman in Norse mythology).
Fennel - a sacred herb held in great respect by the Anglo Saxons. wards off evil spirits, bestows strength & courage, and prolongs life.
Harebell - the flower of witches, who used its juice as part of their flying ointment. Its associated with seeing fairies, goblins and earth spirits. It was also thought to be associated with the devil and to bring bad luck, but it also was used by witches to transform themselves into hares. (not to be taken internally).
Hawthorn - marriage and fertility. (not a very attractive smell).
Hay - pregnancy and fertility.
Hazel - sacred in celtic mythology. (use wood) fertility and immortality, wards off rheumatism. This is one of the most popular woods for making sorcerers wands and dowsing rods.
Heather - luck.
Honeysuckle - fidelity and affection, those who wear it will dream of their own true love.
House Leek (chicks and hens) - keeps witches away and the wearer will never be struck by lightning.
Hyssop (hyacinth) - purifying, cleansing.
Jasmine - attraction.
Ladys Mantle - womens problems, magical. Use the pearl of dew that gathers on the leaves at dawn, its called celestial dew, causes change in your life, brings luck. Aids spirituality.
Lavender - relaxing and stress relieving.
Lilac - luck, love.
Lily of the Valley - counters spells, attracts fairies.
Marjoram - peace, happiness, joy.
May flowers - (the seat of the old wild magick) it brings both adventure and chaos into your life.
Mint - sharpens the mind.
Mistletoe - energy, fertility, immortality.
Mulberry - headaches.
Mullein - asthma, protection from sorcery.
Nettle - (one of the nine sacred herbs of the Anglo Saxons) protection against demons and evil spells.
Oak - (a sacred plant) protection by the gods, strength, long life.
Onion - protection against lung illnesses, colds, flu, and the plauge, fends of witches and demons.
Orchis - desire.
Peony wood - charm against evil.
Poppy - a charm against those bewitched into love.
Primrose - to see fairies.
Rose - pure love.
Rosemary - good memory, friendship, fidelity.
Rue - luck and protection against the evil eye, freedom.
Saffron - aphrodisiac.
Sage - longevity, prosperity (do not cut this plant with metal).
Snowdrop - the passing of sorrow.
Sow Thistle - increases strength and stamina, repels witches, invisibility from enemies.
St Johns Wort - considered the most potent of herbs for driving away demons the devil and evil spells.
Strawberry - sensuality.
Sweet pea - good fortune.
Thyme - Relives giddiness and nightmares.
Violet - love, humility, honesty, virtue.
Walnut - robs a witch of all mobility, repels insects. It is the tree of jupiter and brings the gods blessings.
Wheat - (contains the spirit of the earth and harvest - Gaia's blessings) growth, fertility.
Willow - sorrow, lost love.
Yew - (a sacred tree) protection against evil, immortality. Do not cut the tree, gather only from the ground.

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