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Hopi Prayer of Compassion

I hear you Spirit.
I hear you through the ears of my Spirit Wolf.
I hear you Spirit,
In the trees as the wind blows through the leaves
Around my village in the evening.
I hear your voice in the water
As it rushes over the stones in the stream
Beside my family, and my people.
I hear you spirit in all things...

I see you Spirit.
I see you through the eyes of my Spirit Hawk.
I see you in the face as I stare into the eyes
Of the children in my village.
I see you as I look into the stars
In the canopy of night that covers my home.
I see your work Spirit.
As the brush strokes of the landscape-
Is painted in the desert colors that surround me.
I see you Spirit in all things...

I taste you Spirit.
T taste you through the tongue of my Spirit Snake.
I taste your longing for my Wisdom.
I taste your tolerance for my learning.
And I taste you Spirit,
I taste your compassion for my soul.
I taste you Spirit in all things...

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