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The Colbrens of the Bards

Three Reasons To Keep Silent

Against saying anything you should not

 Against speaking in a way you should not

Against speaking in a place where you should not

Three Things That Patience Brings



Help from others

Three Things That Bring Strength To Face The World

Seeing the beauty and quality of truth

 Seeing behind the veil of falsehoods

Seeing to what ends truth and falsity come

Three Persons Loved By The Gods

Those in whom strength and justice meet

 Those in whom bravery and mercy meet

Those in whom generosity and satisfaction meet

Three Persons Who Never Meet With Success

He who marries by the counsel of his flesh

He who eats by the counsel of his hunger

He who fights by the counsel of his anger

Three Things That Must Be Done In Order To Learn

Listen intently

Contemplate intently

Be continually silent

Three Things That Always Lead To Deception

The love of a person too strong in sensuality

The good will of one's supervisors

The promises of one cursed with ill luck

Three Things To Commend A Lover

A virtuous face

Discretion in speech

Kindness in manners

Three Things That May Not Be Conquered




Three Blessings Of The Home

An honest guard

A cautious hearth keeper

An astute messenger

Three Things That The Diligent Will Attain



The compliments of sages

Three Times When A Sage Must Speak

To instruct against ignorance

To advise against strife

 To tell the truth against an evil lie

Three Things That Bring Great Opportunities

Speaking little (and then always with circumspection)

Quiet humor without superficiality

Behaving without vanity

Three Things That Bring Health

 Moderation in eating

Moderation in work

Moderation in merry-making

Three Persons From Whom You Should Keep Yourself

He who praises you to much for easy deeds

He who speaks against you for his own benefit

He who boasts of deeds never done

Three Things From The Gods To Seek During One's Lifetime




There Are Three Things:

Wisdom, Loss and Remorse

He who does not have the first will have the other two

Three Things That Never End Well

A lie



Three Things That Are The Reward Of The Sincere Person

The favor of friends

The respect of the wise


Three Virtues Of The Sage

To remain calm when others cannot

To remain quiet when others are not

To remeber the gods when others do not

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