Sabbat- Any one of eight Wiccan solar festivals, marked by the 4 solstices and equinoxes, as well as 4 dates inbetween them. They are (Celtic style names, others exist) Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, and Samhain.

Salamander- The traditional term for a Fire Elemental.

Samhain- The November-Eve ritual better known as Hallowe'en. It is a Gaelic word, the name of the month of November, and is pronounced *SOW'en* (the first syllable to rhyme with *now*).

Scourge- A ritual whip symbolizing firmness, in balance with the Wand which symbolizes mercy. Most ritual scourges are quite harmless, made for example with silk thongs.

Scrying- Any form of divination which involves gazing at or into something, such as a crystal ball or black mirror, to observe psychically-perceived images.

Shade- The spirit of a being which refuses to leave the physical plane.

Shamanism- The religion of the ancient peoples of northern Europe and Asia, generally characterised by the ability of the Shaman to communicate with the spirit world. Major facets of Shamanism are animism, possession, prophecy/revelations, shapeshifting, and soul travel.

Shapeshifting- A very esoteric practice involving changing the human form. This can be practiced while on the astral plane, this alone is a great accomplishment. It is said that one can also shapeshift on the physical plane, though documented proof of this is nonexistent. Few books are published on the subject as it is an art mainly for certain people, and teachers prefer to find these people and teach them their art secretively rather than let the public know their ways.

Showstone- A crystal sphere used for divination, especially scrying. Also called a crystal ball.

Sigil- A magickal oriented seal,sign,glyph,or other device used in magickal workings.The most powerful sigil are those that you create yourself.

Skyclad- The act of celebrating or doing a magickal working in the nude.

Smudging- Waving a smoldering handful of herbs around a person, as a ritual cleansing gesture. An American practice adopted from Native Americans, though the Native American practice itself is said to have arisen only in the past hundred years.

Solitary- A witch who practices alone instead of within a coven.

So Mote it Be- A phrase used often in rituals to close a chant or incantation. It literally means, "It must be so" or "So it shall be".

Sorcery- Magickal practice which involves summoning, binding, or banishing deities. Often a sorcerer (practitioner of sorcery) uses no tools.

Soul- The true identity of a human being, the immortal self which surpasses death and lives on into the otherworld, perchance to be reincarnated.

Spell- Extended mental and emotional energy spoken aloud,written,spoken to oneself,drawn,or even danced. To work,it should be clear,concise,focused and emotional.The need must be present to bring any spell to a successful end.

Spellcrafting- The practice of creating spells by writing outlines, arranging correspondences, and authoring incantations.

Spiral- A sacred spiral plays an important part in magickal workings.It is the symbol of "coming into being."

Spirits- Entities which are free of a physical body.

Summoner- Like a male version of the maiden, a member of the coven who is an assistant to the High Priest.

Sylph- The traditional term for an Air Elemental.

Symbol- A sign which represents something else. Symbols are used commonly in rituals to represent gods, elements, goals, and more. Many tools are symbols, for example, the chalice is a symbol of the goddess and the giving of life.

Synchronicity- A Jungian term describing a coincidence which seems to have meaning yet no connection is clear.

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