Daemon- A Greek word for spirit.

Days of Power- Significant magickal days around the year. See also Sabbats.

Dedication- acceptance of the Craft as a path and a vow to study and learn the lore and information to become an adept.

Degree- The level or status of a practitioner of magick. You must face various tests of knowledge and practical experience in order to progress to another degree within your tradition.

Deosil-  Clockwise. Used often to describe movement in rituals. The opposite is Widdershins.

Divination- The art of peering into the unknown by interpreting random patterns or symbols. Incorrectly referred to as "fortune telling". examples include: tarot cards, the I Ching, rune stones, staring (scrying) into water or fire, etc.

Doctrine of Signatrues- The theory that flowers, herbs, plants and other living things have a unique quality or vibration.

Dowsing- The act of using a pendulum or stick to locate a person,place,thing, or element.Dowsing can also be used to answer yes or no questions.

Dracomancer- A practitioner of magick who uses dragons in their workings.

Drake- A dragon, generally refers to a young one.

Drawing Down the Moon- An ancient Pagan ritual enacted at the Esbats to draw the power of the full moon. Commonly to empower yourself and unite with a particular deity usually a moon Goddess.

Dreamtime- The Shamanic concept of a world which parallels this one.

Druidism- An ancient celtic order of priests which has undergone a modern revival into neo-paganism.

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