Hallows, Halloween-
Another name for Samhain.

Handfasting- The joining of two humans in a bond of love before the goddess and god. Yes, they can be made to be a legal marriage, there is no requirement that a marriage be Christian to be legal in the U.S. (separation of church and state).

Handparting- Similar to a seperation or divorce, symbolically the cutting of the binds created by a handfasting.

Haruspicy- Divination by animal entrails.

Heathen- 1. One who does not recognize the God of the Bible. 2. A pagan. 3. An irreligious, uncivilized person. Can be used in this context as a derogatory term for a pagan, despite the fact that it's an inaccurate generalization.

Hedge Wizard- A rural practitioner who has little formal training, or none at all.

Heptagram- A seven-pointed star drawn with one unbroken line. Symbolic of the number seven, which is important not only to the seven traditional astrological planets but also to the seven planes and subplanes and the seven chakras.

Hereditary Witch- The name used by witches who claim their practices have been continuous in the family. See also Traditional.

Hexagram- A six-pointed star of two equilateral triangles. In occultism it is not specifically a Jewish symbol, but represents the principle of *As above, so below*-harmony between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

Hierophant- A priest of the mysteries who reveals his secrets only to this initiates.

High Magick- Ceremonial magick involving the actions of deities or spirits.

High Priest- A male witch within a coven who has been initiated into the 3rd degree. Abbreviated in written rituals as HP.

High Priestess- A female witch within a coven who has been initiated into the 3rd degree. Abbreviated as HPS in written rituals.

Higher Self- Non-physical, true self. The enlightened, "actual" persona of the individual as opposed to what the person seems to be or thinks they are.

Hiving Off- The process whereby some members of a coven leave to form a new coven of their own.

Horned God- Consort of the Goddess. The lord of animals and forrests, associated with hunting. Pagan father God often mistaken for, or associated with, Satan. This is an incorrect assumption.

Hydromancy- Divination by liquid, especially water.

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