Pagan- From Latin paganus a 'country dweller' or villager. Today it' a general term for followers of Wicca and other polytheistic, magic-embracing religions. Some prefer that Wicca are called neo-pagan and that pagan refer to practitioners of ancient polytheistic faiths in their more or less original form , such as Astaru, Odinism, etc... Pagans are not Satanists.

Pagandom- Part of the world inhabited primarily by pagans.

Paganism- Any religion other than Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. Generally categorized as an earth religion. Most are polytheistic (have more than one god or goddess). Literally means "country dweller".

Pagan Standard Time- A slang term for when people cannot arrive or get an event going on time. Almost extinct because it was a poor excuse to begin with. Abbreviated as PST.

Pallomancy- Divination with a pendulum.

Pantheon- A collection or group of Gods and Goddesses in a particular religious or mythical structure, commonly regional i.e. the Greek Pantheon.

Past Life Regression- A technique used by hypnotists to lead a person in a trance which allows them to supposedly recall events from previous lives, when their soul was in a different physical body at another time period and place. Assuming belief in the human soul, this is actually very logical, and can be explained as simply a matter of helping the human mind connect to the soul mind and read the memories stored there.

Pathfinder- Spritual guide, help, or tool.

Pendulum- A tool often used to communicate with spirits or divine. See also divination.

Pentacle- A circle surrounding a five pointed star known as pentagram. Worn as symbol of a witches beliefs and used in magickal workings and ceremonies. Each point on the star has a specific meaning: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and  Spirit.The inverted pentagram is used in some second degree intiations,to indicate a function of growth.

Pentagram- The five-pointed star, a familiar symbol of Paganism, occultism, and witchcraft. In America it is always portrayed with a single point upwards, because with two points upward, it is a symbols used by American Satanists. In Britain, two-points-upwards used to be the symbol of the Wiccan Second Degree; British Satanists have always used the inverted crucifix. But many British Wiccans are abandoning the two-points-upward Second Degree symbol as communication with American Pagans increases. The pentagram is a symbol of protection and is not evil.

Pecti-Wita- A Scottish tradition of Wicca, see also Wita.

Philtre- A potion, especially for love.

Phrenology- Character analysis by studying the shape and surface of the skull.

Projective Hand- A term often used in ritualism to describe your most powerful hand, generally the one you write with.

Prana- The vital force of the Cosmos as it operates on the Etheric level, permeating everything.

Priest- A male dedicated to both his choosen deities and humankind. A High Preist is a male leader of a coven or a wiccan organization and play a the role of the God in certain ceremonies.

Priestess- A female dedicated to both the service of her choosen deity or deities and humankind.A high priestess is a feminine leader of a coven or wiccan organization that plays the role of Goddess in certain ceremonies.A solitary witch can be a priestess by dedicating herself to a particular God or Goddess.

Prophet- One who receives inspiration, information, or insights into the future from a divine source.

Psychic Awareness- The open state of awareness in which the conscious mind can tap into the psychic mind.

Psychic Mind- The sub- or un- conscious mind which is receptive of psychic messages. When we are psychically aware, the two minds link and we can intercept these messages.

Pyromancy- Divination by fire.

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