Balefire- A fire laid and lit for magical or religious purposes, usually outdoors. Physically similar to the non-magical non-religious bonfire.

Bane- That which is harmful, destructive or evil.

Banish- To magickally end something or exorcise entities.To rid the presence of.

Banishing- Three meanings: banishing the Circle is the formal dismantling of a Magic Circle when the ritual is over. Banishing an individual means expelling him of her from the coven for an unforgivable offense, or from Wicca itself, though some regard the latter as impossible. Banishing an entity means disabling a harmful non-material entity.

B.C.E- Before Common Era, non-christian version of B.C.

Beltane- Pronounced "Bal-tene". The Irish festival of May 1. Called Bealtiunn in Scotland, Shenn da Boaldyn in the Isle of Man, and Galan-Mai in Wales

Besom- A bundle of twigs attached to a handle used to cleanse and purify sacred space. Essentially a witch's broomstick.

Bind- To prevent or limit. in the magickal context the act of limiting a spell (ie: to ensure it will harm none) or person (ie: to prevent them from harming others). Some consider it unethical to bind people other than yourself or spells you did not cast.

Binding- Using magick to restrain someone or something, or to 'bind' them to you.

Blessed Be- A term derived from the ritual of the Five-fold Kiss, it is simple a blessing commonly used by wiccans and pagans as a greeting or a goodbye. Abbreviated as BB or B*B.

Blood of the Moon- A woman's mentrual cycle, considered important and a crucial time for magick to be performed, especially when it crosses the new or full moon.

Bodhran- Ireland. "Cow-song"; A single-head frame drum.

Bolline; Boleen- A Wiccan ritual knife used for more practical purposes, such as cutting herbs, etc. *never* to draw blood. Generally white handled with a curved blade. compare: Athame.

Book of Shadows- A term coined by Aleister Crowley for a book of rituals, recipes, journal entries, laws/rules, chants/poems to gods and goddesses, magick, advice, and coven laws (if a coven B.O.S.) among other things. A B.O.S can be a coven book, detailing that coven's craft, or owned by an individual wiccan with a more personal style.

Boomerang Effect- The occult principle that a psychic attack which comes up against a stronger defense rebounds on the attacker-traditionally *threefold* though this is metaphorical.

Broom Closet- Not meant literally, this is a term used to describe someone who is "in the broom closet", or in other words, who is not public with their pagan practices.

Burning Times- This is a word used to describe the execution of the witches during their persecution from the Middle Ages onwards. Most executions were in fact by hanging, not burning. While it is claimed that thousands and even millions were killed, a small fraction were actually witches. Many were herectics or Christians accused of witchcraft by those who disliked them, from circa 1000 Ce through the 17th century.

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