The Witch's Rede of Chivalry
by Tiger Moon Foxx

1.  The deeds you perform, the manner in which you conduct yourself, and the
way you live your life now determine both how you will succeed in this world
and how you will be received in the Summerlands.  Furthermore, you actions
now will help determine what lessons you need to learn next time you are
reincarnated.  Basically, you receive what you put forth.

2. This directive is not a license for selfishness, as some people seem to
think.  It does, however, provide a reminder to stand firm on your beliefs.
Since witchcraft and magick are intimate parts of me and of my life, this
means openly admitting I am a witch and not allowing my feeling of what is
right for me to be dissuaded by the opinions of others.  Being true to
oneself also means recognizing that I am worthy of love and respect and
turning my back on anyone who refuses to accept this.  It means saying no,
meaning it, and not allowing someone else's needs to superimpose themselves
and eclipse mine.  Finally it means recognizing and utilizing my gifts and
talents without devaluing them.

3. These points appear to be the code of conduct which should be found in
polite society--- and isn't.  Therefore witches are expected to comport
themselves in a manner superior to current standards.  The word of a witch
should mean as much as a binding legal document and should not be given
unless that person is certain of their ability to fulfill the obligation. A
witch should always remember that words hold great power.  An
inappropriately repeated comment or harshly spoken criticism is capable of
doing as much damage as a gunshot.  If you are going to speak badly of
someone else, you should be sure your own slate clear and that you are aware
of both sides of the issue.  Also, consider the source: second or third hand
information is more likely wrong than right.  People will react to you
according to how you present yourself.  They can generally sense dishonesty
and will feel free to lie to you if you are not totally honest with them.
Similarly, people will judge your character by your actions.
Irresponsibility is looked upon as going in hand with dishonesty.  I have
been attempting to conduct myself in this manner for years but it is
difficult and I sometimes fall into the old habits.  I think this kind of
ideal is unattainable but wisdom gained through failures will help bring
you closer to the ideal.  At the very least, conducting myself in this
manner will make me a more pleasant person to be around.

4. There comes a certain point where this value becomes paralyzing and thus
useless.  When acting in a manner which might affect others, I initiate a
benefits-to-risk mode of thinking.  Then I take the action which causes the
least harm, is least restrictive, and most benefits all concerned.  When
something backfires, I am prepared to accept the consequences and have
devised a means to combat the wrong.  My decisions and actions are usually
considered reasonable and responsible by others.

5. You need the ability to laugh at your mistakes without degrading
yourself or gaining laughter at the expense of others.  Allow other their
space and their moments in the limelight.  As the Rede states, a gentle easy
manner and listening to others will teach you more and gain more respect
than if you are constantly drawing attention to yourself and speaking over

6. Courage often means sacrifice and willingness to lose something in order
to gain greater benefit for yourself and others.  Not all courageous acts
are readily identifiable as such.  It takes courage to live with someone who
is mentally ill and to help and support them rather than striking out on
your own.  It also takes courage to continue succeeding in a world that
views disabilities as liabilities and differences as a mark of failure.
Courage is found in the daily act of reaching out to better a stranger's day
and in trying something you've never tried before.  Fighting injustices
involves courage, as does my court battle.  My goal is not to see the
wrongdoers punished but to see that all others like me have a chance to
achieve what I have without the constant struggle for recognition and basic
human rights.  It takes considerable courage to pursue this sort of battle
with the intention of educating and righting wrongs rather than revenge.

7. I treat the once-borns in the same manner I would anyone else---with
kindness, courtesy, and basic respect due them as fellow human beings.  I do
nothing outrageous to purposely offend them or warrant their attention or to
shock them but I wear my pentacle openly and make no attempt to censor
conversations about my religion.  If someone seems interested in an
intellectual discussion, I occasionally recommend or lend books.  When
asked, I state clearly but briefly that I am a witch and what that means. I
take care not to view myself as above them because I have developed
abilities they do not have or to pity them for what I think is a narrow view
of the world.  I never proselytize or preach and I rarely display my
abilities for once-borns.  If my services are asked for, I give them freely
and without thought of compensation.

8. See my answers to issues two and three.  I need to work on all those
areas.  However, I don't believe anyone is ever truly above reproach since
we are human, we make mistakes, and someone will always find fault with our

9. My music and writing skills are excellent.  I'm also proud of my
generous, giving heart and loving nature.  I love how my body reflects so
accurately the fullness of the earth and the Lady and I like the lion's
mane of hair that so accurately depicts my birth sign.  My hands are strong
and gentle, my manners flawless when I choose to make them so.  I have the
ability to persevere in spite of the obstacles and to rally others to the
cause.  I inspire enthusiasm and respect in others and show them pieces of
themselves to admire that they never thought about before.

10. I will live my life in magick and love, giving to others who need my
care.  I will tend the soil and care for the earth's creatures.  I will
live each day in childlike wonder and will share the joys I have found  in
each day with others.

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