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The Dream

 The day was a long, cold and very sad. The villagers began to gather shortly after sunrise because all knew that today will be a day that all will remember. For the dreaded Witch Hunt had arrived in the small, peaceful village, and the first of what may become many public burnings was scheduled to take place soon.

Sitting in the small cell, O'Wain watched quietly as the villagers gathered in the village square so they can watch his execution. He wasn't afraid, only sad for the one person he truly loved. He wondered if she would have the courage to show up and watch him burn though he hoped she wouldn't. It would be nice to see her once more, to be able to burn into memory her face and especially her eyes, so he can go on to the next realm with his true love close to his heart.

 He began to smile as he remember what was to be their last night together. She was laying on his shoulder, smiling. The covers were over their bodies but he could feel her smooth skin next to his. Her hands resting on his chest. He couldn't remember just how many times he told her how much he loved her, but he did remember how many times they had made love that night. The smile broaden at that memory.

A small noise behind him brought him out of his revelry. He turned and looked toward noise and saw that several of his guards were coming toward him. Its time, he thought.

No words were exchanged, for they all knew what needed to be done. They just opened the door so that he could follow them out into the village square. And by the time they reached the center of the village, everyone began to crowd forward expectantly.

And standing there at the front of the crowd was Aurora, O'Wain's one true love. He looked at her with very sad eyes. Wondering what she was doing here and especially at the front of the crowd. He looked into her dark eyes searching for the answer, none was forth coming. But the look in her eyes on and on her face told him that she will always be with him, and no one would ever be able to change it. Love, sadness, sorrow and pain. Yes the eyes told it all.

One of his guards shoved him roughly from behind, prompting him to keep going toward the stake. And he did. He looked at the lone pole standing in front of him forbiddingly, logs were piled knee deep around it except for a small opening for him and his guards to walk through. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a lone hooded man standing some twenty feet away from where the pole stood. This had to be the his executioner. O'Wain just shook his head knowing there was nothing he could do about it now.

O'Wain stood directly in front of the pole and looked out towards the crowd. He wanted to say something, anything but instead just leaned back against the pole so he could be tied to it. And that was when one of his guards took a length of rope from around his shoulder and began to bind him to the pole.

O'Wain stared straight ahead fearful to look over at Aurora, again. He knew that if he did, he would see the tears in her eyes flowing freely. For their love was very special and very deep. And only the people who knew what true love was would understand what he and Aurora felt.

 The village leader approached O'Wain then and all he could do was shake his head. He turned toward the gathered villagers. "Friends, neighbors. We gather here to witness the execution of O'Wain. He was accused and found guilty of witchcraft. He was sentenced to be burned," he gulped audibly "alive".

He closed eyes for a moment before continuing, "Let no man, woman or child forget what they witness here today. With the power of god with me, let the execution take place." He then left O'Wain.

The hooded figure then approached carrying a torch. He stopped directly in front of O'Wain but just outside the logs. O'Wain could see the man smiling broadly by looking into his eyes. "Get on with it ",O'Wain told him.

The man nodded and laid the torch down on the logs. The fire spread quickly, surrounding O'Wain. Through the smoke and flames, O'Wain tried to look at Aurora, she wasn't where he last saw her. Cries of sorrow rang up from the crowd.

Just then O'Wain felt the rope that was binding him loosen. He wondered if the flames had burned their way through the rope already. He knew that he wasn't on fire. Then a soft voice behind him told him who was responsible.

"Let's go, "Aurora said.

They took off running away from the gathered villagers.

"After them" someone had yelled.

Aurora and O'Wain began to run faster. Sounds of the villagers chasing them could be heard. Faster they ran. And up ahead was the forest. A place he and Aurora knew well. They entered the forest running as fast as they could, never once did they release each others hand.

Inside the forest they slowed their pace down. Their pursuers they knew would also have to slow down. They held on to each others hand tightly as they navigated through the think underbrush of the rich forest. Aurora was guiding them closer to the edge of the forest. O'Wain didn't question her upon where they were headed, he just followed.

They burst through the last of the trees and had to stop suddenly. Not five feet away was a sheer drop off. Behind them they could still hear their pursuers. They were trapped.

Aurora turned toward him then. "O'Wain I couldn't let you die like that. Forgive me for what I did."

"There is nothing to forgive, you followed your heart and did what you felt needed to be done." They stared into each others eyes and both knew that they will always be together, that not even death will be able to keep them apart. The love that each saw in the others eyes reassured them both that they will never be apart.

The villagers were now closer to them. At any moment they would began to emerge from the forest. Aurora hugged O'Wain. They embraced for a very short moment until Aurora pulled away from him.

She grabbed his hand and they took off toward the cliff just as the first of the villagers emerged from the forest. They jumped. Followed closely by several villagers who couldn't stop.

Wayne woke up. Shaking his head. Trying to clear the dream from his mind. It didn't work. He knew that this dream will never leave his memory. It wasn't like his previous dreams. This one seemed to real. Closing his eyes he could recall vividly the entire dream.

What was the purpose of the dream, he wondered. But for the life of him he couldn't answer it. No one could, at least the few people he has told about this recurring dream. They all thought he was just crazy or something along those lines. But deep down he knew that the dream was trying to tell him something. One day he will know.

The End

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