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So, You Wanna Be A Witch, Eh?by Paniteowl/J.Sutton

Well, sit right here, by my side,

And I'll tell you the secrets of the tide.

And just get comfy, honey child,

While I speak of nature, free and wild.

But you don't have a cloak or pointy hat?

Hah! and Piffle! What's with that?

The witch is worn within the soul,

 Not donned for occasion, or kept in a bowl.

When you think of witches, you tremble at magick?

 Oh, silly girl, that indeed is tragic!

Well, take a deep breathe, and hold tight to my hand,

And together we'll dream to the edge of the land.

Where forest and sky kiss the rim of the waters,

Where spirits as we claim a kinship with daughters

Of elements born before words are remembered,

And feeling, and thoughts are no longer


Tis the everyday things, that witches are 'ware of.

The sun and the moon, and the wee tiny cherub,

Who tugs at our heart strings and drives us to madness,

Yet gives us such joy, and fills us with


A soft gentle rain, nudging buds to full flower,

Hurricane! Twister!...Such terrible power!

Candles and hearth fires, warming and scented.

Forests ablaze!... Volcanic stacks vented!

A mantle of snow both preserves and gives pleasure.

Avalanche! Iceberg!!... So full of treasure.

The warmth of the sun bringing life we so cherish.

Bleak desert landscape. Burnt tundra...we


Now open your eyes, and closely at me.

You came here so what do you see?

 A kindly old woman? An evil old hag?

A cloak of maturity? A dirty old rag?

Both sides of the coin...Light and Dark we encompass.

Good and evil abide, and still walk among us.

So be very sure, that a Witch you will be,

For we own it ALL... You and me... you and me.

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