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Tears From Heaven

The moon was shining brightly, sparkling ever so gently off therough sea. Mesmerizing all who cared to look. The scene wasperfect, at least Ariel thought so as she walked out onto her balcony high above the crashing waves below. She looked up at the bright moon and curtsied, showing her respect to the Lady of theNight, and all her attendants, the vast ocean of stars that accompanied her where ever she went.

But, Ariel knew she had to be careful not to let anyone see her pay homage to the moon. For it was a very bad time to be doing things like that. Many people, especially the church frowned upon that, though she couldn't understand why. She only knew that if she was caught a lot of people would be hurt or killed, and she didn't want to carry that burden around with her the rest of her days. She was already caring around more on her soul than she cared to.

Most of her friends were now gone. Even the one person she truly loved, and thought would never leave her. Why had he left, she had wondered many times since he disappeared with out saying good-bye or anything. Never once did it cross her mind that he left for her own protection. She only knew that she missed him terribly.

"Why did he leave?" Ariel yelled at the moon. Tears of heartbreak and sadness began to trickle down her face. Try as she might an answer never came to her. One day, she knew that she would see him again and ask why he left her so alone. Replacing the happiness she had in her heart for the sadness she now had. There was nothing left inside of her, her heart and her spirit left the day her one true love did. Only an empty body walked the halls of her home. Though she could never call it that again, because home is always where the heart is.

She curtsied once again to the moon before she went back inside her bedroom. She looked around at all things she had collected over the years, spotting little items here and there that he gave to her, tears began to well up in her eyes again. She closed her eyes trying to fight back the tears she knew would come if she didn't stop them now. And while she had her eyes closed she mumbled a silent prayer to the goddess, hoping it would be answered.

Taking a deep breathe, she walked over to her bed and got in. She stared at the ceiling for a long moment before blowing the last candle out she had lit. Sleep didn't come easy that night. Of course, it hasn't since he left. Sleep and dreams were never easy for her anymore. Sleep finally over took her through all her fighting.

Ariel woke with a start trying to get her wits together. Where am I, she thought. Nothing seemed familiar to her. She looked around the room she was in, noticing all the items in there. Everything looked the same but for some reason it just didn't feel right. She could place what it was. She turned and looked out the window, daylight was just beginning to creep in. Then she noticed it.

Standing in the corner was a silhouette of a person. She couldn't make out who it was, but she knew she had nothing to fear from whoever it was. She could feel the persons eyes watching her as she stared back. Ariel just sat in her bed not moving, wondering what the dark shape in the corner wanted, but not only that who it was.

The dark shadow moved from the corner to stand in front of the window. Startled, Ariel jumped up out of the bed.

"Calm down, Ariel." The figure told her.

Ariel stared in disbelief, "How do you know my name," she said with a lot more calm than she felt.

The figure didn't response at first, then almost hesitantly it spoke "I know a great deal about you. I have been close to you and have watched over since before you were born."

The figure held up a hand to ward off the coming questions. "Please sit down and I will try to explain.

"My name is Rowan. I have been assigned to watch over you till the day comes that you shall meet with Our mother. You were put here on earth to learn, and learn you have. I have seen you grow into a very lovely young lady and watched you fall in love.

"And the man you have fallen in love with will forever love you. Don't worry yourself sick because he is gone. He had to leave like he did because Our mother had a talk with him in a dream, just as I am speaking to you in yours. I can't tell you why she sent him away like she did but just know that he does love just as much as you do him.

"One day soon the two of you will be together once again, and be happier then than you would be now if you two were together." Rowan stopped talking for a minute as to collect her thoughts on what to say next. She looked at Ariel intently for a moment then continued, "To answer your question about if he is all right, knowthat he is. He is being looked after by Our Mother and she will not let anything or anyone harm him. You have to keep your faith. Do you understand?"

 Ariel stared at Rowan and nodded feebly. "H-How did you know that was what I was thinking?" she stammered.

 Rowan smiled. "I just know."

At that point, Ariel began to get real sleepy. She laid back down on her bed and was fast asleep within minutes. Rowan smiled at the sleeping form, then changed into a solid white dove and flew away. Ariel had a very peaceful and dreamless sleep for the rest of the night.

Ariel awoke refreshed and smiling as the early morning sun filtered into her room. She looked around her room, seeing everything differently, till her eyes came to rest in the corner of her room. That was when the dream came back to her in full force. A dream that was all to real. 'But it couldn't be real,' she mumbled loud enough so that she was the only one that hear. Then she began to recall what Rowan had said about the man she was deeply in love with was alive and well. And how they were going to be together again one day. That thought brought an even bigger smile to her face. "Today is the beginning of a brand new life" she yelled loud enough for anyone listening could hear.

Ariel got up out of bed and walked out onto her balcony, looking out at the huge sea before her. The sun was high enough in the sky at that point that she could se very clearly everything around her. Even the birds seemed to be in a happy mood, fluttering around and chirping loudly, dashing close to her then flying back off again. She laughed, and that was the first time in a very long time she had laughed.

She went back into her room, to begin preparing herself for the upcoming day. Her thoughts, however, were on her dream she had during the night. And with the knowledge that one day she would be with the one man she loved.

The days turned into weeks, the weeks into months, months into years, but still nothing. She was being pressured to marry, reluctantly she gave into her fathers wishes, but she knew she wouldn't be truly happy. The years kept rolling by, the man she married was old and sick and on the verge of death. She had a beautiful daughter, and they were closer than two people could ever be.

The day finally arrived that she dreaded. Morgan, her husband, called her to hisdeath bed. He pointed to the empty chair beside his bed. "I need to talk to you," he said in a very weak voice.

"Yes, what is it? You need me to do something for you?" She said with more conviction than she felt.

He nodded. "I want you to listen to me and do as I ask. Please let me finish before you ask any questions. OK?"

Ariel nodded.

"I know you haven't been happy being with me. Your heart was and still is with someone else. I want you to be happy, and if being with that man I know you love very much will make you happy, then by all means find him and be with him. As long as I know you are going to be happy then I can go to my grave knowing that you will be well cared for. Use all my vast resources to find this man. Everything I own will be yours when I am gone. This is my dying wish. Will you do it for me?"

 Ariel stared at him for a long moment. The look in his eyes told her he was telling her true. That he wanted her to be happy. She nodded. "I will do as you have asked. Thank you."

All he could do was smile. He felt at peace with himself. He died never telling her that he loved her too.

A year had went by since Ariel buried Morgan, and during that time she had done what she promised him she would do. She had people searching extensively for the man she fell in love with many years before. But so far not a clue, no one had been able to come up with anything. She was determined not to give up but knew she couldn't keep it up either. Torn between the desire to keep searching and what she knew she must do, she told all involved that she would make a decision on the morrow.

With that Ariel returned to her room to cry. And, cry she did till she couldn't cry any more. She went over to the wash basin and rinsed her face off. Then went out to stand on her balcony to look out at the wide open countryside laid out before her. This was not like the place that she grew up at. She missed the sea, waves lapping at the rocks below her, the birds flying all around. And then her eyes widen as a thought entered her mind.

Ariel went back inside and ran out the room. She went down stairs as fast as she could and out the door. She went straight to the stables and once there she saw the stable hand and told him to saddle her horse. The tone she used left no room for argument.

As soon as her mare was ready, she got up onto her back and took off out of the stable. Once through the main gates, she turned toward the east and at a half gallop headed towards her home. The ride was a short ride, in less than thirty minutes she was there. She jumped down off her horse and ran to the door. A servant had the door open by the time she reached it and without saying anything she ran up stairs to her old room.

She went inside and looked around, everything was just as she left it. But it didn't really register for she was headed toward her balcony. She stood there for a moment looking out towards the sea. She let the calming effect engulf her as the waves rolled in.

A noise startled her and she twirled around. Standing there, in front of her was Orion, the one man she truly loved. The tears began to flow freely from both as she raced to his arms.

The End

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