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Magickal Character Meditation

Imagine that you are standing in front of a very large old oak
tree.  The tree has a hollow in its trunk so big that you can walk right into it, and you
do, pausing to enjoy the lovely feeling of being safe inside this beautiful,
wise oak.  But now you suddenly realize that there is a tunnel leading into
the earth at your feet.  You decide to enter it, and you begin to walk down
the tunnel, touching the walls with your hands as you do, feeling their
roughness, smelling the deep, rich scent of the earth, and hearing your
footsteps as they crunch against small stones and dirt.  The tunnel leads on
and on, down and down-and now you see a light ahead of you, a light that means
the tunnel is ending and you are about to arrive somewhere, somewhere special.
The firs thin you see, as you step out into the light, is you power animal,
who hurries over to greet you.  (pause for a few seconds).  Now, with your
animal beside you, you explore this magical place in which you find yourself.
( Pause for about a minute) Now you power animal lets you know that there is
someone you should meet, a person who has a special connection, a special link
with you.  You follow your animal now as it leads you to a hidden place.  You
know as you step into this hidden place that the person you will meet there is
very important to you.  She or he could be straight from a story, or a myth,
or a legend.  As you step inside, you look up and see this person face to
face.  (pause of about a minute) As you look at this special person, it seems
to you that the face you see is changing, becoming more like yours.  Now it
seems that you are looking in magical mirror; your clothes are different but
your face is the same.  (pause for a few seconds) Taking the memory of this
special person with you, you leave the hidden place and, together with your
power animal, you journey back to the place of the tunnel.  You reenter the
tunnel, and begin to walk up, back to the hollow tree, back to this room, back
to your ordinary way of being.  Now stretch, wiggle you toes, take a deep
breath, and open your eyes.

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