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Elemental Meditation

Collect four small items, one to represent each element, and locate a compass.  Weather permitting, find a nice spot outside.  If not, indoors will do.

Choose a spot where you will not be interrupted.  If you like, you can put on music and dim the lights.

Find magnetic north on your compass and face that direction.  IF you are seated in a chair, move the chair to face that compass point.  First, close your eyes and gather impressions about that compass point.  After a few minutes, write down your impressions.

Now hold the element you chose to represent Earth and the north and close your eyes.  Open your mind and feel the impression of this element and how it relates to the compass point.  Think about how it corresponds to you and the Universe.  When you are finished, write down your insights.

Take the meditation one step further. Create a positive entity in your mind that represents the element of Earth.  Is it male or female, human or animal, or all of those?   Write down the description of this representation and how you feel about it.

Continue through each element, facing the compass point that corresponds to that element, and finish by writing your feelings and thoughts on each one.

With the element of Spirit, focus on a golden light coming down from the heavens and filling you to the brim.  When you have completed this phase, again write down the information you have gathered.

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