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Power Animal Meditation

Imagine that you are walking up a soft, leaf-covered woodland path between tall trees.  It is autumn and the leaves are all the colors of the fall around you, orange, and red and gold.  You can smell wood smoke in the cool, crisp air, but the sun feels warm on your face.  As you continue walking up the path, you see that it is beginning to lead uphill, getting steeper now, and the trees are being left behind.  You are climbing up a steep hillside now, and the path is getting bare and rocky.  You see that the path is curving around a bend now, and you can't see what's on the other side.  But suddenly
you know that there is an animal-good and loving animal -- waiting around the corner to meet you and show itself to you.  It could be an animal with fur, or feathers, or scales, or hide.  You walk around the corner now, and there you see it-there is your special animal.  (Pause for about a minute.)  You greet you animal and thank it for showing itself to you.  You tell it that you will do everything you can to bring it into your life so that it will always be with you.  Then you turn and begin to walk back down the path, waving to you animal until you walk around the corner and cannot see it any more.

Walk down the path toward the bright autumn trees now, walking back down the leafy path, back to this room, back to your ordinary way of being, Stretch, wiggle your toes, take a deep breath, and open your eyes.

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